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SCAA Barista Level 2 Class Descriptions


CP201 Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract

This class allows Intermediate-level baristas study in-depth techniques for use of two different types of espresso grinders, with additional practice in dosing, tamping, and evaluating extraction. SCAA Instructors will guide and coach baristas through class activities, which include testing and tasting the impact and effect of dosing weight, distribution, and settling on espresso shots.


CP202 Espresso Bar Efficiency & Workflow

This class is designed to leverage barista skills to improve efficiency, which is a critical component of balancing customer service with excellence in quality. Students learn techniques under the guidance and coaching of SCAA Instructors to increase drink production speed, ensure quality control through increased attention to detail, and manage a busy yet clean station.


CP203 Milk Essentials & Latte Art Practice

This course focuses on latte art, which is an extremely effective technique for drawing customers’ attention and for preparing beverages of a high quality simultaneously. After a short lecture on milk elements and milk substitutes, SCAA Instructors will provide hands-on training and coaching on basic latte art designs, and provide practice strategies for perfecting latte art techniques.


CP204 Espresso Machine Preventative Maintenance

This class covers the basic handling of equipment maintenance, troubleshooting, and recognizing when service calls are warranted. Students are taught to recognize essential tools and normal replacement items on common espresso machines.