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Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

Sustainable Coffee Institute (SCI)

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Torch Coffee Company is one of the Coffee Education Institute that provides both accredited international coffee courses. We are one of the SCA Premier Training Campuses for 2 different schools ( China Yunnan (Headquarters), Chiang Mai, Thailand) 

Both accredited coffee courses offer a wide range of modules that will have the right one for you to chart your coffee career path. Find out more below: 

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sca - coffee skill program

The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) is proud to introduce its new unified education program. This program consists of education in the following specialties within the coffee industry:

Together these modules of learning are known as the SCA Coffee Skills Program. 

Students can take advantage of learning through three stages of knowledge and skills in each module: Foundation, Intermediate and Professional. 


sci - sustainability of coffee industry

The SCI is a new coffee education that focuses on the upstream of the coffee  supply chain, with the aims to bringing a good specialty coffee from seed to cup. 


Every business that makes up the Speciality Coffee industry is dependent on coffee farmers to produce speciality grade quality coffee beans. The farmers act as pace setters for the entire chain and each link in the chain is interdependent.

SCI aim to focused on helping develop the industry's sustainability and foster a higher demand of speciality grade coffee.

Through innovation & certified education, awareness, and connection, in the whole business chain the Sustainable Coffee Institute is committed to improve the welfare of coffee farmers and their ability to have long-term success.

SCI covers through 3 different level (Level 1 –3) in each modules: