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Every roast batch is uniquely different, and a good roaster will be able to create flavor and consistency from a variety of beans. Our certified roasting courses are ideal for those considering a vocation as a coffee roaster and intend on mastering the skills of coffee roasting.

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The Roasting module is a comprehensive program geared to equipping students in how to optimise the roasting potential of green beans.  Each level offers theory and much hands on experience, enabling students to leave well trained and confident to further excel outside of the classroom. 

Master roasters will develop in three competencies including a deep understanding of green bean quality, heat transfer and the roasting systems and sensory analysis. Learn more...


SCA roasting module

Learn about the roasting process, including roast cycle, roast levels, identifying defects, the physical changes that beans undergo during the roasting process, as well as workspace management and lean production. Learn more...