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The Q Arabica (Q Grader) course was created as part of the Q Coffee System to form a skilled and credible body of specialty Arabica coffee cuppers, to objectively assess coffee quality, detect coffee defects, and identify coffee characteristics based on Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards.

Conducted by an authorized instructor, the six-day course comprises of 22 individual tests (click for test details) that evaluate competency and sensory acuity in cupping and grading coffee. Candidates are required to pass all sections in order to qualify for certification, and those who do not pass all sections may retake the tests during the course period or any time after within 18 months. A Q Grader certificate is valid for three years and is renewable upon completion of an accredited calibration exam. 


Become A Coffee Tasting Authority

Make Better Quality Control Decisions


help increase your company's bottom line

The Torch Difference

We help you gain critical coffee sensory skills

The Q not only teaches you how to become a great coffee taster it puts you on the road to become an expert and to lead your teams to consistency and quality.

We help you have an impact              

As a Q Grader you will bring your company to a new level of quality that will create happy customers and be a shining star in your community. 

We help you increase your company's bottom line

Being a Q grader empowers you to make better decisions which leads to repeat customers and helps to increase your companies bottom line. 

If you work in a cafe, you need to take this course.

By learning critical sensory skills you can improve Quality Control in your cafe across all areas including brewing, barista, roasting, or cupping.  Quality Control is the key that leads to consistency and happy customers.


Why is Q so important?

Being competitive and staying ahead of the game in the coffee industry is no small task. Without the right coffee sensory skills, you could quickly find yourself at the back of the line, waiting to rise above others but never having the chance. No matter what area of coffee you are talking about - barista, brewing, roasting or cupping - sensory skills are the most important foundational tool you could have that translates to your success.  

At Torch, over the years we've seen many coffee professionals get ahead rapidly and start with great success but then quickly fail because they've prioritized the wrong things in their career. We believe that having a solid grasp of coffee quality and flavor is the key that unlocks success.

Through our Q courses we've had the privilege of training many coffee professionals, seen them become experts at coffee and lead their teams to success.  They are able to objectively assess coffee quality, detect coffee defects, identify coffee flavor characteristics and accurately lead their teams and staff in Quality Control measures -all critical skills in buying and selling coffee.

Once you become a Q grader, you will not only understand more about the coffee but you will also be revered in the community as an authority in coffee quality standards. You will have happy customers that will come back again and again.

Upcoming Q-Grader Courses

Not ready to book a course yet? Get to know us and learn more. We'll send you our Complete Q Grader Study Guide to help you on your way.  


A complete study guide for your Q - Grader Class. 

  1. Tips for all the 9 course contents breakdown

  2. Test Overview. 

  3. Passing Score requirement

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Launched in cooperation with the Ugandan Coffee Development Authority (UCDA), the Q Robusta (R Grader) course aims to improve the quality of Robusta coffee which is native to Uganda, and train coffee professionals in the standards for Fine Robusta.

The handbook and standards for Robusta are similar to Arabica, but the concepts and formulas have been adjusted accordingly. To be certified, candidates must pass a different set of 22 individual tests (click for test details) in the six-day course conducted by an authorized instructor, and those who do not pass all sections may retake the tests during the course period or any time after within 18 months. An R Grader certificate is valid for three years and is renewable upon completion of an accredited calibration exam.

If you work in the coffee industry, you need to take this course. What do others have to say about Robusta? 

"There is a bright future for Robusta. Robustas themselves will continue to thrive despite the climate change because they are naturally resistant to environmental stresses and are known to be highly adaptive." - Dr. Manuel Diaz, Phd

"As proven by success in the specialty Arabica market, differentiation of fine quality Robusta may lead to increased consumer value and consumption, as well as better earnings for Robusta coffee farmers and provide the incentive needed for further advancement of the greater coffee industry." - Coffee Quality Institute

"Specialty Robusta is beginning to emerge in the coffee world, with word spreading about its strengths and differences from traditional Robusta. Specialty Robusta is characterised by its smooth, chocolate-y taste and creamy mouthfeel, and it performs excellently in espresso blends." - Sustainable Harvest