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Torch Coffee Lab China -Yunnan

Nestled in the famous tea terraces and coffee farms of Pu'er in the Yunnan Province, our coffee training lab offers a hands-on experience right at origin. As a part of many classes here, you get the unique experience to visit and learn about coffee production at the farms and processing facilities year-round, bringing a fuller understanding of the coffee industry from farm to cafe. It's an experience to remember! 

Torch Coffee Lab Alam Almaqahi, Saudi Arabia

Torch Coffee proudly partners with Alam Almaqahi to open the first certified coffee training lab in the Gulf Coalition Countries (GCC). We provide certified training from CQI, SCI, and  SCA to coffee professionals and enthusiasts alike. Uniquely situated in the heart of the Arab Gulf we seek to push boundaries in the midst of the Gulf coffee explosion

Torch Coffee Lab Thailand

In the mountainous city of Chiang Mai, the coffee culture is booming. Close-by beautiful coffee farms, our facilities make this location an amazing coffee training experience. 

Torch Coffee's Instructors Courses

Torch Instructors are available to teach class and seek for collaboration with other's partner school around the world. Do contact us at info@torchcoffee.com if you would like to have our instructors at your lab.