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SCA Sensory Professional Course

  • Physical inspection and grading systems. 
  • Odor, color and homogeneity, shape, size, moisture content and drying quality, density, grading (classification and counting of defect). 
  • Table of defects. Grading formats and classification systems (examples from Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala and other countries)
  • Cupping and results discussion of different in-depth/research processing methods. 
  • Cupping different species, improved catimor hybrids and Arabica varietals as well as an in-depth Robusta component, with some discussion of other species (Liberica, Excelsa).
  • Roasting theory and sample roasting protocols. Cupping different roast profiles based on degree and time.

Price: RMB 8,000

Torch Coffee Lab Yunnan

This course is 3 days. Book this course please follow the wechat channel or contact Peter at peter@torchcoffee.cn

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