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SCI Sensory Level 2

In this course you will learn:

  • Specialty coffee and sensory evaluation of quality.

  • General physical inspection, roasting, brewing and review cupping protocols and standards.

  • Physical inspection and grading systems. Odor, color and homogeneity, shape, size, moisture content and drying quality, density, and grading.

  • Chemistry of aroma precursors in coffee and their role in flavor integration.

  • Practice with aroma vials and descriptors.

  • Calibration in intensity and complexity of fragrance-aroma and use of aroma descriptors.

  • Theory and practice of aromatic taints and defects.

  • Theory of taste precursors; origin, perception threshold and taste dynamics.

  • Identification of 5 basic tastes and calibration on intensity and quality.

  • Taste modulation theory and exercises.

  • Theory and practice of texture.

  • Flavor modulation by polyphenols and fats in coffee.

  • Cupping different processing methods and different species, improved catimor hybrids and Arabica varietals.

  • Cupping skills testing: precision (finding the right grade), calibration (deviation from the group), consistency (scoring the same sample consistently), spread (safe cupping) and defect detection.

This course is 3 days.

Torch Coffee Lab Yunnan China

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