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The SCAA Lead Instructor credential is designed for industry professionals who wish to give back to the coffee community by teaching SCAA Pathway classes. This credential can be obtained via the SCAA Instructor Development Program (IDP), which aims to identify specialty coffee experts and train them on communicating their subject expertise to students effectively. It helps professionals to advance their training and education skills through workshops on adult learning principles in the workplace, instructional design (based on the ADDIE model developed by the American Society for Training and Development), testing, evaluation, and class management. Upon completion of this one-day program which includes the SCAA Instructor Code of Conduct, professionals are eligible to volunteer as an Instructor or Station Instructor at SCAA events. The SCAA Lead Instructor credential brings professionalism to any trainer’s qualifications, and validates that professionals have been taught the following key skill sets and knowledge:

  1. Recognizing education and training as an element of organizational success
  2. Orientation to the SCAA’s Professional Development department
  3. Incorporating your company’s mission, vision, and strategic goals into your training initiatives
  4. Instructor and trainer competencies for the SCAA and at work
  5. Implementing adult learning principles to ensure further success of training program
  6. Recognize four key adult learning principles: independence, preparedness, experience, and application
  7. Grasp basics of adult learning theory and begin translating theory into practice
  8. Identify characteristics of adult learners and take them into consideration when conducting classes
  9. Recognize how adult learners process information, and strategize class design
  10. Setting clear, measurable skill and knowledge objectives within training program
  11. Designing instruction using the ADDIE model of the American Society for Training and Development
  12. Exhibiting professional presentation skills
  13. Evaluating learner performance and leveraging learning back at work
  14. Incorporating your company’s mission, vision, and strategic goals into your training initiatives
  15. Instructor and trainer competencies for the SCAA and at work

SCAA Specialized Instructor

The SCAA Specialized Instructor credential is designed for individuals who are interested to teach SCAA Pathway classes independently for profit at SCAA Campuses worldwide. Specialized Instructors may administer practical tests in the Coffee Taster, Coffee Buyer, Roaster, and Stewardship Pathways with no additional credential required, but the Barista Pathway requires online training to be a Barista Level 1 and/or Barista Level 2 examiner as an additional requirement. In order to be qualified for authorization as an SCAA Specialized Instructor, individuals must complete both the SCAA Instructor Credential and the additional requirements listed below:

  1. Complete 20 additional points of educational content
  2. Shadow-instruct with SCAA Specialized Instructors
  3. Sign and submit the SCAA Instructor Code of Ethics
  4. Obtain SCAA Specialized Instructor License

SCAA Lab Inspector

The SCAA Lab Inspector credential was created to build a high quality network of lab inspectors with the mission to recognize, develop, and promote specialty coffee. These qualified individuals are the only ones authorized to represent the SCAA in performing inspections on coffee laboratories seeking Campus status, as they demonstrate mastery of the knowledge, skills, and affective competencies necessary to inspect candidate SCAA Certified Teaching Laboratories. SCAA Lab Inspectors are trained to evaluate a physical facility and its components, ensuring the facility meets the rigorous and detailed requirements for lab certification. They also liaise with SCAA Science staff to ensure that accurate records are kept on all applicants of the certified teaching lab program. This one-day program consists of classroom-based training and testing by experts in the field and a practical exam. Lab Inspectors must also complete the SCAA Laboratory Inspector Code of Conduct and complete one shadow inspection with a certified SCAA Lab Inspector within one year after completing all other requirements. The credential is valid for a five year term, after which Lab Inspectors have to undergo updated written and performance tests to retain their credential. Eligibility Requirements for to obtain the SCAA Lab Inspector credential are:

  1. At least five years in the coffee industry
  2. Q Grader and/or Coffee Tasters Certificate complete through Module 2
  3. Not affiliated with a currently or previously certified SCAA Teaching Laboratory

Golden Cup Technician (GCT)

The Golden Cup Technician (GCT) certificate is awarded to coffee professionals who demonstrate an expert understanding of the SCAA Brewing Standards and the five points of quality for brewed coffee. Golden Cup Technicians not only represent their own companies in the field, they also represent the SCAA, and are authorized to conduct on-site inspections as part of the Golden Cup Award program. Individuals are required to complete the Golden Cup Technician Code of Conduct to earn their certificate, apart from the following classes and exams:

  • Foundations of Coffee
  • Golden Cup Brewing (CP158)
  • Brewing Approaches and Variations (CP255)
  • Practical Exam (EXM_GP1) and Written Exam (EXM_GW1)

This is a two-part exam consisting of a written test and a practical evaluation. The 40-minute practical evaluation measures the skills of an SCAA Golden Cup Technician in performing a Golden Cup evaluation, making adjustments, and reporting.