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SCA sensory skills FOUNDATION

Expose and sensitise student on the notion of specialty vs non-specialty coffee. Enabling the student to recognise the core concepts of sensory analysis, and explain why and how coffee professionals use it in the coffee industry. Broad focus will be put on identifying, describing and discriminating objectively aroma, taste and body in coffees. Students will be introduced to the SCA cupping protocol and methodology and reflect on the qualitative dimension of this evaluation methodology. 

  • The Foundation level provides a first taste of a specific coffee discipline and is a great way to get insight into a module to help you decide if you want to go on to learn more.
  • The Foundation level requires no previous experience.
  • Courses at this level usually take 1 day.

SCA sensory skills intermediate

To enable the student to apply core concepts of sensory science to analyze aroma, taste, and body differences in coffee. Students will be introduced to various testing methods including triangle and in/out and they will progress in their calibration of the SCA cupping form. Students will examine basic requirements for developing a sensory program at their place of employment. 

  • The Intermediate level is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
  • Pre-requisite: Sensory Foundation (recommended only)
  • Courses at the Intermediate level usually take a minimum of 2 days.

SCA sensory professional

To align the student with industry coffee and sensory standards. To prepare them for running sensory evaluation in a coffee business. To acquire the skills required to start identifying and evaluating qualities in specialty green coffee, and to accurately measure and describe coffee beverage characteristics. Students will learn to generate repeatable and methodical sensory measurements

  • The Professional level is suitable if you want to pursue specialist knowledge at a high level in your subject. Success at this level should indicate to employers competence to work in the field.
  • Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level.
  • Pre-requisite: Sensory Intermediate, Green Coffee Intermediate(recommended only), Roasting Intermediate (recommended only)
  • Courses at this level would be expected to take a minimum of 3 days.