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As a barista, it’s critical that you know all the factors that influence your final product. From the basics of producing a quality espresso to the more advanced latte art techniques, machine maintenance, bar workflow and management, this course ensures that you are fully equipped at whichever level you are at. Professional and specialized levels learn how to blend espresso beans. 


SCI barista LEVEL 1

Day 1: Overview of espresso machine and grinder models and functionality. Practice adjustment of equipment and proper protocols, as well as proper machine maintenance. Keys of customer service.

Day 2: Milk. Learn what proper milk texture is (quality and beverage differences) and proper milk foaming techniques. Learn basic latte-art pouring techniques.

Day 3: Continued practice of latte art and machine operation. 

  • The Level 1 requires no previous experience.

SCI Barista LEVEL 2

Day 1: Overview of espresso machines, different types and functionality. Pros and cons. Simple to extremely complex (3 boilers per group head). Boiler systems discussion. Take apart steam wands, group heads, gaskets, boiler, put back together. Learn maintenance. Overview of grinders, different types and functionality. Pros and cons. Side by side comparison of different grinder types and burr types on flavor impact. Take apart and put back together grinders. Learn maintenance.

Day 2: Learn about the different processes that milk goes through and the impact on the quality of the milk and coffee beverage. Learn and practice steaming different fat content as well as other types (soy, UHT vs fresh, organic, etc.) and see impact on final beverage as well as different techniques for steaming. Practice advanced latte art.

Day 3: Overview of Barista and Latte art competition rules. Receive tips on competing and simulate competition environment.

  • The Level 2 is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
  • Pre-requisite: Barista Level 1 (recommended only)

SCi bARISTA level 3

SCI Barista Level 3 offers 2 tracks to help you hone your skills and learn more of the science behind your job.

Track 1 - Scientific Theory & Skills: 

Day 1: In-depth look at different brands of equipment, and the add-ons/extras available on the market to be used with existing equipment, such as the Kone. Also a comparison of alternative filtering/steeping methods available. A look at creative ways of using more traditional brewing methods to create more unique beverages, such as the Aeropress, as well as examining the affect of by-pass brewing on the final beverage quality. A look at hand-held espresso makers, and taste comparison with espresso from a traditional machine.

Day 2: Learn about the different types of blending, American style (2-3 origins) vs complex Italian style (10+ origins). See impacts of roasting (degree and time) and origin on flavor impact. Look at bar-layout and implementing Modbar or other similar equipment.

Day 3: Learn about different ways that people are recycling the spent coffee grounds post-brewing. Also a look at bar design. Brief overview of spirits commonly used with espresso, the different types and flavors that they create when combined with coffee andan overview of the Coffee in Good Spirits competition.

Track 2 - Business: 

Involves an in-depth look at how to apply sensory and equipment knowledge in running a successful business.

  • Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level.
  • Pre-requisite: SCI Barista Level 2, SCI Brewing Level 2(recommended only)