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The brewing module takes an in-depth hands on approach to learning commonly used as well as more advanced brewing techniques, including multiple cold brewing methods. Other topics covered are bypass brewing, blending techniques with different single origins, and learning about competition techniques. 



Day 1: Overview of traditional brewing methods. Discussion of variables that affect extraction. Measuring strength and extraction to confirm results.

Day 2: Experiment with traditional and by-pass brewing to optimize extraction and flavor. Compare automated with manual brewing systems and results.

Day 3: Continued discussion and practice of variables that affect extraction, including roasting affects. 

  • The Level 1 requires no previous experience.


Day 1: Overview of traditional and less common brewing methods and techniques.  

Day 2: Learn different cold brewing techniques, equipment, and results. 

Day 3: Overview of Brewer’s Cup competition rules. Receive tips on competing and simulate competition environment. 

  • The Level 2 is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
  • Pre-requisite: Brewing Level 1 (recommended only)

SCi bREWING level 3

SCI Brewing Level 3 offers 2 tracks to help you hone your skills and learn more of the science behind your job.

Track 1 - Scientific Theory & Skills: 

Day 1: In-depth look at different brands of equipment, and the add-ons/extras available on the market to be used with existing equipment, such as the Kone. Also a comparison of alternative filtering/steeping methods available. A look at creative ways of using more traditional brewing methods to create more unique beverages, such as the Aeropress, as well as examining the affect of by-pass brewing on the final beverage quality. A look at hand-held espresso makers, and taste comparison with espresso from a traditional machine.

Day 2: A look at popular and traditional brewing methods by world region and discussion of best practices and key aspects of customer service. See impacts of roasting (degree and time) and origin on flavor impact. Learning about the different methods of cold brew (ice drip, crash cooling, nitro, etc.), proper brewing and affects on flavor.

Day 3: Look at the latest available brewing and coffee equipment. Overview of spirits commonly used with coffee, the different types and flavors that they create when combined with coffee. Learn how to make several coffee spirits as well as getting an overview of the Coffee in Good Spirits competition.

Track 2 - Business: 

 Involves an in-depth look at how to apply brewing application in running a successful business.

  • Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level.
  • Pre-requisite: SCI Brewing Level 2, SCI Barista Level 2(recommended only)