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The business of running or starting a cafe can be a difficult one. This module explores the different areas of business needed to run a cafe successfully including topics like inventory management, staffing, quality control, customer service, target marketing and branding, layout, location and cash flow management. 


SCI cafe LEVEL 1

  1. How to open a cafe
  2. How to choose a location
  3. How to build your menu
  4. How to remodel
  5. Bar layout
  • The Level 1 requires no previous experience.

SCI cafe LEVEL 2

  1. How to run a cafe
  2. Hiring/firing
  3. Employee training techniques
  4. Sourcing materials
  5. Marketing
  • Pre-requisite: Cafe Level 1 (recommended only)

SCi CAFE level 3

  1. In-depth discussion of different aspects of business (HR, marketing, finance, purchasing). 
  2. Receive and go over operation manual of a cafe, as well as other manuals (HR, marketing). 
  3. Focuses on franchising cafe. 
  • Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level, or have experience in running a cafe.
  • Pre-requisite: SCI Cafe Level 1, SCI Business & Marketing(recommended only)