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The Green Coffee module is a comprehensive program created to give an individual a clear understanding and game plan for evaluating, importing and navigating coffee buying intricacies. Topics that will be covered include: assessing green bean quality, importing, storage, coffee aging, working with seasonal coffee, meeting producers, building long-term relationships, market trends, commodity contracts, pricing and finding vs. creating quality. 



Day 1: Overview of coffee supply chain, different stakeholders. In-depth discussion and practice of green grading coffee. Different parts of the bean, and affects of processing/storage. 

Day 2: Discussion of green buying, coffee contracts and terms, documentation required. Discuss how to make a green buying plan (for roasters). 

Day 3: Brief overview of processing and flavor and visual affects on green coffee. Overview of dry mill, sorting and grading and storage of green coffee. 

  • The Level 1 requires no previous experience.


Day 1: Discussion of different origins, different grading methods and requirements. Different bagging sizes, regulations. Looking at factors that affect price by origin.

Day 2: In-depth discussion on coffee buying, trading, contracts. Specialty vs commodity beans. In-depth green grading of different coffee processes, as well as species and varieties. Cupping comparison of effects of processing and species on flavor. 

Day 3: In-depth look at milling, storage and transportation, best practices and affect on quality and price. Discussion of green coffee certifications and requirements.

  • The Level 2 is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
  • Pre-requisite: Green Coffee Level 1

SCi Green coffee level 3

SCI Green Coffee Level 3 offers 2 tracks to help you hone your skills and learn more of the science behind your job.

Track 1 - Scientific Theory & Skills: 

Day 1: Participate in green trading simulation/competition. Compete based on current market prices and conditions. 

Day 2: In-depth overview of specific regions by origin, affect on green coffee (varieties, flavor/quality, price, processing practices, grading systems). Cupping comparison.

Day 3: Continued origin specific discussion, cupping comparison of specific regions within origins, as well as separate processing methods and affect on quality. Complete green trading simulation.

Track 2 - Business: 

Involves an in-depth look at how to apply green buying and selling applications in running a successful business.

  • Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level.
  • Pre-requisite: SCI Green Coffee Level 2, SCI Sensory Level 1, SCI Processing Level 1