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The Roasting module is a comprehensive program geared to equipping students in how to optimize the roasting potential of green beans.  Each level offers theory and much hands on experience, enabling students to leave well trained and confident to further excel outside of the classroom. Master roasters will develop in three competencies including a deep understanding of green bean quality, heat transfer and the roasting systems and sensory analysis. 


SCI roasting LEVEL 1

Day 1: Physical inspection of green beans, basic sample roasting practices.

Day 2: Basic Chemistry of coffee roasting and basic cupping skills for master roasters (identifying main sensory attributes of coffee).

Day 3: Consistent industrial roasting at different degrees of roast using a roast log. Cupping and discussion of results.

  • The Level 1 requires no previous experience.


Day 1: Optimizing roast profiles (full roast profiling method to achieve a perfect roast for a particular bean and/or extraction method). Business application.

Day 2: Advanced sensory analysis for master roasters (identifying subtle aroma and flavor changes through roast profiles). Business application.

Day 3: Advanced analysis or roast logs (identification of thermal equilibrium point, interpretation of ROR before and after first crack, assessing recovery time). Scaling up roast profiles. Business application.

  • The Level 2 is suitable if you are already part of the industry, working in the field covered by the module, and have a firm knowledge of the basic skills.
  • Pre-requisite: Roasting Level 1 (recommended only)

SCi ROASTING level 3

SCI Roasting Level 3 offers 2 tracks to help you hone your skills and learn more of the science behind your job.

Track 1 - Scientific Theory & Skills: 

Explore more scientific theory & skills involving roast profiling for different types of beans and extraction methods; blending and advanced sensory analysis; and an indepth look at roast coffee quality improving programs.

Track 2 - Business: 

Involves an in-depth look at how to apply sensory applications in running a successful roastery.


  • Extensive relevant experience is recommended before attempting this level.
  • Pre-requisite: SCI Sensory Level 2, SCI Roasting Level 2, SCI Green Coffee Level 2 (recommended only)