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Coffee Mountain Men

There are people that are born there and never live, and then there are some that choose to go. 

We would like to introduce you to some of these crazy ones, the kind of people that choose to climb up hills, through mud, and become one with nature. All while working hard, picking fruit off trees.

We name them Mountain Men.

Torch Coffee Mountain Men starts in this harvest season. We’re joined by coffee geeks from all over the world, working on coffee.

processing experiments and production. 

Mountain Men are trained individuals sent by Torch to various farms throughout Yunnan to help farmers during the harvest season and implement innovative ideas.


Well, it is simple really, to improve quality!

But why? Why is it so important for coffee quality to improve?

Farmers premium

Encourage them to do more

Better coffee for consumers

Better livelihood

Creates a more sustainable industry

This is the reason Torch exists and why we're based in Pu’er, Yunnan.

Talking about supporting farmers is common, but this conversation mostly happens in the middle of cafes in big cities quite far from the actual farm. 

Therefore, we’re glad Torch Mountain Men are living in villages now, working with farmers, and making changes, affecting the whole industry starting from here.

For some people, winter is coming. For us, coffee is coming.

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