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Roasting Profiles: How Torch Roasts "Mountain Man" Coffees

We started the Mountain Man project in November of last year and we have been following their progress since. We have shared this information—and information on the current state of Yunnan coffees—with all our fans and readers.


We have arranged and organized all the Mountain Man project coffees here, and you can find them sold online, so we hope you have a chance to enjoy these and all our Yunnan coffee products and share them with others.

Coffee has grown so quickly in China recently, and you can find micro-roaster cafes opening more and more, with fresh coffee roasted in the shops, the roasters as common as espresso machines, the fragrance of fresh coffee filling the air each day.  At Torch, we love to see this love for coffee grow, and we hope to support these coffee lovers however we can, and so we openly share our knowledge of brewing and roasting whenever we can.

And in this spirit of sharing our knowledge, we have compiled a few different roasting profiles we suggest for our Mountain Man coffees, which can be found below.  We hope that this information is useful for roast masters who work tirelessly to improve the quality of their coffee for their customers. 

Today we are sharing products, including espresso blends and single-origins, with different processing methods.  Our suggested roasting profiles are found below.  We look forward to hearing your thoughts after roasting and cupping these beans for yourself:

(Roasting profiles on the 7-kg Coffee Tech Roaster; Roasted at Curate Coffee Collective, Pu’er Yunnan)

Mountainman- Lan Hua Forest


Mountainman-Rose Honey

Mountainman-Melot Natural


Mountainman-Chardonnay Hoeny


Mountainman-Zinfndel Natural


Mountainman-Tian Jiao Natural


Mountainman Espresso


It is important to note several key factors that may impact results, the most fundamental being the different roaster machines used, which can impact the roasting profile.  Other factors include altitude and geographic conditions, such as climate.  Roast masters will obsess over these factors and how they can affect the flavor in the cup.