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Why would a champion come to visit a coffee farm?

Why do you want to come to the origin and experience the farm tour?

For myself, after I made so many cups of coffee, I wanted to finally see a fresh coffee cherry.

After roasting so many pounds of green beans, I wanted to experience the various ways of processing coffee.

After I read so many books about coffee, I wanted to know the real life of coffee farmers.

I also wanted to enjoy the sunshine and beauty of nature.


All champions have a much broader perspective of coffee after visiting Pu 'er.


American Champion shows you how to become a Champion

From seed to cup, coffee origin is an important link in the chain

No matter how good a barista you are, the final taste in the cup has to come from the source. Even if the coffee beans are not of good quality or the barista does not know the natural flavor of the beans it is difficult to make a cup of coffee that shows the best of the coffee beans and makes people satisfied.


Coffee origin comes to a very important part of the whole "coffee chain." Indeed, the farm tour has played a role in leading people to search for the root and explore the source of coffee. For example, one point of the Torch farm tour is to allow everyone to experience the cupping test of "how to maintain a strict beans standard form Torch" . In practice, we will discuss what kind of coffee beans are qualified and what the market needs.


A bridge between coffee farmers and consumption

Fortunately, the efforts of generations of coffee people have not been in vain.  Consumers are gradually adapting to and enjoying what we have created. Whether it is the instant coffee in the past, or the specialty brewing coffee in the present, or the upstart luckin coffee, more and more consumers are trying to drink coffee and are even getting used to it.


By some estimates, China already produces more coffee than Tanzania and Kenya combined, and consumes more than Australia. From 1990 to 2012, the number of coffee shops in China increased from several giants to 75,000. From 2012 to 2017 the number increased to 130,000.

I saw a scene in Shanghai a year ago and it is still fresh in my mind: people riding their bikes in the morning with thermos cups, instead of going to buy fried bread sticks with soybean milk, they go to the cafe on the corner, buy a cup of freshly ground brewing coffee and take it home.


There are three characteristics of coffee consumers today. First, consumers are eager to learn about coffee from the coffee origin. Secondly, consumers will challenge all cafes with their coffee knowledge.


Third, one of the reasons consumers know about coffee is by sharing.

If our market is in such a state that baristas and roasters can not build the "right" bridge between the origin of coffee and the consumers, they will just want to get away with it and eventually be eliminated one day.


Yunnan beans are rising up on the world stage

The right investment of energy and time will pay off.

Torch is very serious to tell you that Yunnan beans are not bad! For WD48 and WD72 hours, the two types of beans that we processed with our own experiment, washed and dry fermentation, have made everyone think they are African beans. However, they are 100% Yunnan coffee beans grown in Yunnan, processed in Yunnan and roasted in Yunnan.


Come to the origin, truly to find the potential of the land: before coffee farmers treat coffee trees like apple trees, orange trees. The soil trace element and the distance between the tree as well as the way of picking and screening are not professional. That causes people who have heard of Yunnan beans, including myself, will shaking heads. Some think of Yunnan coffee not having a place in specialty coffee however it can be changed.


Many coffee farmers do not realize this so it is another important purpose of coming to the origin: to understand the real situation of coffee farmers and the production area, to record the development of the production area, and to improve the quality of coffee together with coffee farmers so that Yunnan coffee beans can be displayed with more and more excellent appearance.


Since the champions also want to visit the farm and promote Yunnan coffee why don't you give it a try and see if it is the same as what you think?


If you have suggestions of improvement for our Farm Tour, you can leave a message and write down your thoughts and feelings. We look forward to your thoughtful feedback.

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